Thuy Vinh is an unknown Vietnamese singer, who has great voice, loves to sing since she was a little girl in junior kind garden and always wants to be a singer. Today that dream may not come true, but her soul always is.

Thuy Vinh was born in the mid of the year 1970s into a none-musician family in Ha Noi city (the Capital of Viet Nam). She graduated The Hanoi National University of Foreign Languages. She speaks 4 languages: Vietnamese, English, Germany and Russian.

Thuy Vinh loves Mother Nature, any type of plants, flowers. She always creates and cares the environment around wherever she is. She loves blue music, she once has said: The tone of blue music was like the peaceful wave on the ocean after the storm which might take away so much and left with too many will and wonders.

Thuy Vinh is recently living in Germany, married to Klaus and becomes a young mother to her first child Vinzenz. No matter how busy this young mother does everyday, she always arranges the time to talk, email and communicates to all her family, friends and enjoys singing karaoke online with www.ClickAndSing.com at home.

Thuy Vinh first public apparent in commercial voice recording was for the www.CoiPhim24.com

Special thanks to artist Peter Dang, a close friend who designed the CD cover "Yeu Tham" and this website.